Saturday, August 29, 2009

What You Need to Know about Spyware

The term "spyware" used to refer to various equipment used by people in espionage work. This included tiny cameras, grappling guns, and other gadgets. During early 2000, the development of computer adware spyware removal tools technology has caused different changes in the meaning of words. This gave way to a whole new meaning for the term "spyware". How exactly did "spyware" come to mean what it means today?

The story goes that a man named Steve Gibson discovered one day that certain types of advertising software have been installed in his computer system without his knowledge or consent. He claimed that these software collected personal information from the computer without the user's knowledge. Eventually, he retracted those claims but he still insisted that companies should not covertly install any software in a person's system.

Not surprisingly, Gibson then introduced the first anti- spyware program, called OptOut. Since then, a lot of companies have followed suite and now offer their own spyware protection software.

What are the different types of spyware?

1) Adware – these programs are designed to deliver advertisements straight to your computer… whether you want them or not. This can prove to be a bit of a hassle. Imagine this scenario: you are trying to do some serious research for your work, unfortunately, every time you try to start adware spyware removal tools software your web browser, an advertisement window pops up and prevents you from doing any real work until you click on whatever link that window offers. Annoying, right?
This type of spyware is made by different companies to promote various products. In fact, some companies even make use of this type of spyware to promote anti- spyware tools. That's human nature for you.

This type of spyware often tracks your web searches and then uses this information to promote its products. If, for example, you search for "games" in the internet, this type of spyware will immediately show you any of a company's products related to games.

2) Data miner –this type of spyware is designed mainly to gather data about a user. This records the keystrokes of an end user, meaning it can gather adware spyware removal tools software reviews any type of data that you enter using your keyboard. This means that every type of personal information –from credit card numbers to what you had for breakfast- will be known to other people. Your whole identity could be stolen through this type of spyware.

Of course, not all types of data miners are used for identity theft. In fact, some varieties of this type of software are used to gather data for anonymous surveys. Some varieties of this type of spyware do not gather personal data, but rather use them to compile information about theb current trends of internet activity.

3) Dialers – this type of spyware can cause some serious financial harm to you. This type of spyware messes with your internet connection and reroutes it through a very expensive phone line. Depending on your actual connection, this type of spyware may also cause your internet activities to slow down drastically.

These are just some of the more common varieties of spyware. Unfortunately, there are many more varieties out there. In fact, more types of spyware are developed daily by people who either want to make a quick buck or who have a lot of spare time in their hands. By knowing more about them and trying to understand how they work, you can take the steps necessary to eliminate them from your computer life.

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